MIAMI - As the co-founder of AriZona Iced Tea, John M. Ferolito is no stranger to success in the beverage industry. Now, Ferolito has partnered with an entrepreneurial dream team — including global culture icon Jon Buscemi, Bond Audio & D’Angelico Guitars CEO Brenden Cohen, and beverage industry veteran Brad Neumann — to introduce Saint James Tea: an organic and sustainably-packaged line of ready-to-drink teas.

Named in honor of Father James Haggerty - an inspirational figure in Ferolito’s early career - Saint James Tea stands out from the crowd as a healthy beverage option that boasts minimal environmental impact. Saint James Tea puts the planet first by using Tetra Paks created with low carbon materials and made of 70% paper from responsibly managed forests. The packaging also eliminates exposure to air and light, which gives the preservative-free tea a shelf life of up to 24 months, while keeping the product fresh for as long as possible. A key component of the company is to encourage consumers to give back. Through its #WhoIsYourSaintJames initiative, individuals will be empowered to recognize those who are helping better their communities.

“In his lifetime, Father Haggerty worked to improve the lives of those in his community, myself included,” explains Ferolito. “We sought to create something that honors his legacy, so we developed Saint James Tea to offer a healthy, great-tasting product that is beneficial for people and the planet.”

A pioneer in the beverage space, Ferolito’s entrepreneurial ventures began with a Brooklyn-based discount beer and soda delivery company launched in the 1970s. With the 1992 introduction of AriZona Iced Tea, the business transformed into one of the most successful iced tea brands in the country. Now, Ferolito, alongside a stellar executive team, is poised to disrupt the industry yet again with Saint James Tea.

As the brand’s creative director, Jon Buscemi — known worldwide for his fashion, retail and spirit brands including Truff truffle infused hot sauce, Wolves Whiskey and LUSSO CLOUD shoes — brings his innovative mindset and design knowledge to the product.

“I’ve been wanting to get involved in the ready-to-drink beverage space for several years, and with Saint James Tea I’ve finally found the right fit. From a trend standpoint, what Saint James is doing within the health and wellness space is exploding. It’s the perfect time to introduce an innovative brand like this to the market,” says Buscemi. “As a nation, we love these drinks, but they are always full of sugar. I'm involved because I love the way it tastes without any regrets.

It's exciting to join forces with John Ferolito, a true force in the industry and partner with Brenden Cohen and beverage industry veteran Brad Neumann.”

Buscemi tapped Playlab, Inc. for the branding of Saint James Tea. Founded in 2009 and led by Archie Lee Coates and Jeff Franklin, the multi-disciplinary LA based creative studio has cemented its reputation through its work with headlining brands including Adidas, Off White and Louis Vuitton, among others. The collaboration between Buscemi and Playlab, Inc. resulted in Saint James Tea’s expertly designed Tetra Pak, which features a modern twist for a luxurious feel - just like the tea itself.

Saint James Tea will initially be available for purchase online and at select retailers across Florida.