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Organic, fresh flavors. All-natural ingredients.

Saint James Tea is a flavor-packed organic beverage option dedicated to minimal environmental impact. Equal parts refreshing and uplifting.

Minimal impact

By using Tetra Paks created with low carbon materials and made of 70% paper from responsibly-managed forests, Saint James puts the planet first.

Our Values

The Spirit of saint james

Founded by the Ferolito family, Saint James Tea is a second-generation, family-owned and sustainably-packaged beverage brand. Named in honor of Father James Haggerty—an inspirational figure in founder John Ferolito's early career—Saint James Tea encourages you to uplift, inspire, and leave each place better than you found it. Whether it’s doing everything we can to minimize our environmental impact or going out of the way to help a community member in need, the Saint James spirit is to always consider others.

The Word is Out:

PR Newswire Says:
Alongside a stellar executive team, Ferolito is poised to disrupt the industry yet again with Saint James Tea.


An ongoing series of stories that inspire the natural goodness within each of us.

Introducing Saint James

Beverage industry titan John M. Ferolito introduces Saint James Tea with Jon Buscemi, Brad Neumann & Brenden Cohen